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Groove DJs travel to most countries and offer the same outstanding performance. Contact Groove DJs for a quote and we will find the most economic flight and accommodation deals so you don't have to worry about a thing. Only the best quality sound and lighting equipment will be hired from companies local to you. Groove DJs will make it happen... legendary.

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How It Works

You get the same Groove DJ experience anywhere in the world.

Simply submit your details on our contact page and we will contact you and make all necessary arrangements. We make booking Groove DJs for your wedding as easy for you as possible. Whatever your desire we make it happen.

You will receive a written quote for our performance fee as well as equipment hire prices from your local suppliers. We only use professional DJ equipment and lighting so you are ensured the best experience

DJ Booking | Hire Groove DJs for Your Event

In order to hire Groove DJs for your event, every client should be familiar with the following DJ Booking Process.

The Groove DJs Booking Process

Before a firm offer is made to you in order to begin the actual booking process, a total performance cost analysis must be made so that you are aware of the costs involved from the very beginning.

The DJ’s performance fee is just one of three parts defined below that comprise the cost of booking a DJ to perform at your wedding, corporate event, non-profit event or private performance.

Preparation for a production of a DJ Performance is especially important as our DJs, in addition to the performance fee, have technical requirements that may include staging, lighting and sound systems plus DJ equipment and travel arrangements… a list of requirements are contained in the DJ’s contract rider.

We never proceed with booking a DJ without a complete evaluation of the technical rider. The following is an outline of the cost analysis that needs to be made before the actual booking process commences.

The Total Cost has Three Components

1. The Artist Fee

The Performance Fee – this is the amount of money a DJ is paid for the performance. This is the payment to the DJ for their show. This fee is pretty straight forward, however there are always additional costs in which to budget.

2. The Production Fee

All DJ required production of sound, lighting, staging rentals needed for the performance and all necessary labor to set-up, run it, breakdown it down and load it out. Fulfilling the rider is a requirement of the contract. This is not optional nor can it be changed by the purchaser without the consent of the DJ’s road manager or representative. Although technical riders may appear intimidating to those unfamiliar with sound, light and staging, our staff speak the production language and will many times be able to negotiate less requirements based upon your venue.

For example, we frequently save our clients hundreds of dollars in lighting requirements by negotiating the technical rider with local suppliers. This savings are always passed along to the purchaser and remains a compelling benefit to working with Groove DJs.

Additional required performance needs for the show from video screens to dressing room requirements and catering all are supplied and paid for by the purchaser of the performer. Although it can become an intense process of costing out every requirement, we often deliver a turn-key price for you so that we take on the responsibility of producing the show and there are no surprise costs that pop up the week of the performance.

3. The Travel Fee

The total travel fee is comprised of several parts. Airfares, ground transportation and hotel rooms.

This cost is comprised of all of the required airfares for the DJ and persons travelling. The location where they are travelling from the week of your event may not even be known at the point of booking.

All DJ required ground transportation to/from airport, hotel, performance venue. There may be a limo requirement for the DJ, plus a van for equipment that the DJ has as part of their travelling gear.

All DJ required hotel rooms for one or two nights depending on what is needed. The DJ routinely has a suite requirement in a predetermined 5 star hotel in the city of your performance. All these travel details are evaluated and budgeted as part of the process necessary to ascertain the complete travel costs.

Payment Terms & Options

We try to make booking Groove DJs as easy as possible so we offer three different ways to pay the performance fee.

A deposit is required to confirm your booking and the balance is payable one week prior to your wedding date. You can pay the performance fee in full if you like. An invoice will be sent to you by email for the total performance fee, including travel and accommodation. A receipt is also issued when we receive any payments so you can keep track of how much you have paid and what is left owing.

Payment methods include Secure Credit Card, Bank Transfer & PayPal.