Groove DJs Sound & Lighting Equipment

We use only professional DJ equipment to give you the best sound and light during your event.

Whether your event is a small corporate function requiring only two speakers and a microphone to large concert stadium sound reinforcement packed with enough bass to shake the neighbours house. Groove DJs have all the equipment you need to make an impact on your guests, patrons, visitors, family and friends... oh, and your neighbours.

Some of the brands we use include Pioneer, Serato, Numark, Mackie, QSC, Shure, Sennheiser, Crown, Martin, Proel, JBL, RANE, Technics, Chauvet, Pangolin and Arkaos. You can be assured we only ever use reliable, industry standard gear.

Sound Gear

in alphabetical order...

ArkaosChauvetCrownJBLMartinPangolinpioneer pro djProelQSCRANESeratoShuretechnics 

Let's start with the core of every Groove DJ setup. We use industry standard professional DJ turntables.

Since 1978 the Technics SL1200 series has been the most common turntable for DJing and Scartching (also known as Turntablism). Producers, DJs & Rap MCs refer to the Technics turntable as the "Tec 12's", "Wheels of Steel" and the "Ones & Twos". Apart from their iconic status in hip-hop and electronic music culture, Technics 1200s are also commonly used in recording studios and for non-electronic live music performance. It is widely regarded as one of the most durable and reliable turntables ever produced.

Combined with Serato DJ Pro the SL1200s is used to play all our digital media.

An unparalleled electronic DJ controller is the Pioneer DDJ 1000 SRT. These are the turntables you will find in any DJ Booth throughout the world.

We select the turntables best suited to your event. At weddings receptions we use a combination of Pioneer DDJ 1000SRT for it's light weight design and its packed with features. At your wedding ceremony we use a more compact version and still have our entire music collection at hand. At larger concert events, Hip Hop gigs, birthdays or events we prefer to use our Technics SL1200s. You really cannot beat the sound and feel of vinyl.

Lighting Gear

We proudly use a range of LED lighting and atmospheric effects made by Chauvet in USA. We are always investing in the latest in lighting technology. Be sure to check our lighting setup at our showroom so you get the best deal.

Soon we will be posting photos and video of our lighting gear on this page. Stay tuned for more.

Laser Gear

We, very proudly, have an amazing full colour laser to show off. Our 3w RGB Lasers can be used indoors or outdoors and is controlled by the worlds best laser show software by Pangolin developers. When you hire our laser we can scan in your logo or image and display it on a building, wall or dancefloor. Rotating tunnels, sheets, waves, beams and cool animations are just the beginning of what this bad boy can do. Please ask for a demonstration.

As members of ILDA (International Laser Display Association) we place a lot of emphasis on laser safety so you can rest assure you're in responsible hands.

AV Gear

We have wireless, or wired LED data projectors, large screens and interactive video software to blow your socks off at your next event. Ask for a demonstration today.

Ideal for Trade Shows and Expos we have a LCD TV stand complete with DVD player available for hire. Only $99 per day.

We can also help you with your presentations, slideshows and video graphic displays. We really do it all.


Stay tuned for MORE!