Patrick Visser
Patrick Visser
Patrick Visser

Patrick Visser aka DJ Candyman

You need to generate a lot of heat if you want to be a worldwide DJ, but if there's one thing Candyman has — besides a way on the wheels of steel, billion-dollar beats, and globally infectious hooks — it's charm by the boatload. Always impeccably dressed in sharp clothing and shades, Candyman enters the room in remarkable style. Even while juggling a constant stream of incoming texts and emails on his smartphone, Candyman has the ability to make everyone he meets feel at home. He's the consummate professional: confident and charismatic — a true star.

Candyman's magnetic personality electrifies any dance floor— a spicy, stylish stew of beats, and hooks influenced by the music Candyman has absorbed growing up and living in New Zealand and abroard, which "claims a wide range of dance-driven sounds" says Candyman, who performed in such far-flung locales in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo among others, while producing the funkiest of Funky House beats.

To blend such diverse sounds into a seamless flow, Candyman says "The goal for the d-floor is to pack it with dancers," Candyman says. "I want each track to be a huge hit with the crowd, not just two records and the rest is bullshit."

The music is tailor-made for the crowd, but Candyman has already proven that he can cross over to rock, classic wedding, and pop audiences with ease. His sound, combining classic beats and Euro-dance elements with fierce rhymes and sizzling pop hooks, has proven to be a winner on the dance floor.

On stage, Candyman truly brings this highly personalised combination of styles to life by harnessing the raw energy of the crowd. The interplay between the crowd and the DJ creates a festive and spontaneous atmosphere that would be impossible to duplicate if Candyman performed only by spinning tracks. "When the congas are pounding and the bass is thumping, nothing can touch me. It feels like I'm riding a bolt of lighting." But the real beauty of Groove DJs is that its creator never forgets his roots, and Candyman's wide-eyed appreciation for how far he has come grounds his irresistible global mixes in a relatable humanity.

Candyman learned the power of turntables from a young age. In 1992, hanging out in the clubs of Wellington, New Zealand, he managed to land his first residency at Euroclub and performing everywhere else he could. Candyman caught a break when another DJ invited him to appear on his Saturday night sessions at Sugar Reef in Auckland. Candyman capitalised on the opportunity by following it up with several well-received mixes and scratches earning him a pleasant reputation, his DJ name and became a most versatile DJ. Through collaborations with his colleagues Candyman scored a number of club gigs.

A residency at Planet Earth Nightclub gained Candyman the reputation as an all round party DJ, playing those cheesy old tracks DJs hate to admit to EVER playing... "It wasn't me!" A few years down the track Candyman, frustrated with the lack of House music scene in Whangarei, opened his first bar The Mezzanine - Whangarei's first Techno music nightclub. A year later he opened a massive nightclub, Insomniakz. Playing alongside guest DJs like Sam Hill, Sample Gee, General Lee, Greg Churchill, Andy Vann and Mikey Havoc, to name just a few (apologies for not naming you all). His popularity grew stronger and his taste for House Music got even deeper. Candyman also gained frequent flyer miles at The Old Stone Butterfactory and Salut playing alongside Recloose, Nathan Haynes, Soane and Chris Cox. This is where Candyman developed the taste for the Funk. Those groovy beats you just can't help but shake your ass to.

After settling back in Tauranga, Candyman continues to be recognised for his work. He is truly the most sought after DJ in the Bay. Legendary Performance!

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Patrick Visser uses

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DDJ-SX-2
Technics SL1210
Serato DJ Pro

Pioneer DDJ-SX2

Technics SL1210

Shure SLX24 SM58

Shure SLX24 w SM58